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At Dangling Lemons, we're the Every Girl just trying to hold our heads high even though we struggle with being classy and having it all together. Perhaps you've missed the bottom step. Maybe your stomach grumbled at the most inopportune time. You've locked yourself out of your car, shaved your shins and smiled with food in your teeth.

That's ok, Friend. We know these moments happen to everyone.

So grab another pair of Dangling Lemons earrings and go forth with confidence!

Dangling Lemons started with humor and a desire to share a laugh. We wanted to bring a little giggle to woman-kind by sharing practical, yet funny, advice on the not-so-classy moments we all endure. From there we started making, tweaking, and remaking earrings that are different than anything you'll see elsewhere. For example, our wood earrings are our own unique shapes which we have cut for us in North Carolina. The fronts are handmade papers from all types of plants and even scraps from the clothing industries in India, Thailand and other parts of the world. All hooks are nickel free, also. We think you deserve something as beautiful and fabulous as you are.

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The only dumb question is the one you don't ask

~ Every Algebra Teacher Ever

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